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Planning For Each Individual’s Needs

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What Makes Strength Alive Different

The Strength Alive philosophy goes well beyond physical fitness. We are committed to helping people live their best lives, both mentally and physically.

We honor each person as a whole (the athlete, the skater, the parent, the child, the executive, the student, the business owner, and the artist) and their fitness journey.

Our goal is to keep you having fun doing what you love. Together, we can help you grow in optimal health to unleash the strength that’s alive in you!

Our Clients

"Marty Helped me restart my path to achieving the best health of my life. He helped me take responsibility for my health, create a healthier diet, and melt fat fast while building and keeping muscle more quickly. He even helped me to have a plan and keep a strong mindset in my fitness during an injury."

James B. Veteran

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